Scarf Long Patterned at SEY

Second Life Marketplace – :SEY TieC.-scarf/5textures-Rock(unisex).


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Guitar Bag

My post title was going to be “Strumthin Different” but uh… yeah.

Shopping today and I came across this unique item. Three options. Two sets of patterns and one solid set.

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A Sad Day

All of us have certain things we’re passionate about whether it’s in-world or in real life and today’s post will be about some sad news I received in-world this morning. Another business in SL has decided to close its doors! I can almost see the lack of surprise on your faces as you think to yourselves “so what?” Yes, you’re right that businesses come and go in SL too often, but so few businesses have an impact on our virtual lives such as this one did on mine. Maritima Inc has decided to shut it’s doors in Second Life, forever to be known only in memory.

Maritima Inc was the place to be when I started modeling in SL last summer. In fact, the Maritima Modele was the first model tag I received and all I had to do to receive it, was to show up for a casting of some sort. NyuNyu Kimono handed those group tags out to established or neophyte models, as if she was handing out candy to hoards of little kiddies on Halloween night. But in my mind, at the time, I was hoping that Nyu might have seen some model potential in me to have trusted me with that group tag. I would do my best to prove her right so she’d never take it away.

Since it’s inception, Maritima Inc had produced some of the best fashion shows with set designs that wowed the masses who attended. If you were looking for Avant Garde designs, the Maritima Mall was your go-to place with two wings to satisfy your craving. Many designers were forever catapulted into prominence due to that Mall. With all that Maritima Inc was known for, up until the decision to close it’s doors, I wish to share my fondness of one specific event at Maritima.

Every few months, a Maritima group notice would be sent out encouraging everyone to come and get a box of free goodies. Included in the box, were outfits or parts of outfits from a well-known SL designer and maybe some gimicky items along with instructions. You had to use at least 1 – 2 items from the box to create an outfit. Sometimes there was a theme and sometimes there wasn’t.

I hadn’t really realized it at the time, but the “I Can Style” contests weren’t about winning or losing any prize. How could I really “lose” when I was using my imagination to come up with outfits and styling them? Looking back, I now know that these styling contests were a valuable exercise for me instead. Most of all, they were fun!

My very 1st 'I Can Style' Contest @ Maritima August 2010

NyuNyu had the patience of a saint during each event that Maritima had. She was always very welcoming and treated everyone the same whether you were a model noob or an established model.

Maritima Inc may decide to reopen it’s doors in the future since many SL businesses close and reopen like shutters flapping in the wind. It just wouldn’t be the same if it did though. All that Maritima embodied during the past year could never be replicated at another time and I’m okay with that. I have my memories now, my experience and best of all… last piece of Halloween candy given to me by Nyu.

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A right Mesh up at BLM

To Mesh or not to Mesh, that is the question. Whether ’tis kinder on the computer not to suffer the slings & arrows of V3 or retreat to the sanctity of Firestorm Beta2 and by opposing end them. Hmmm, it’s a question we will all be asking sooner or later. So having had Charity Steampunk gird my loins I ventured into V3 to try out the new Black Label Meshwear suit. After all that angst (and given that I’m a technophobe unless goaded or bribed into it anyway) V3 actually worked until my phone rang and the whole show crashed to the ground in a none too graceful manner which required a network restart. Remind me not to pick up the phone when on V3. This is, of course, one of the delights of living in a rural area with low bandwidth. At least my new graphics card is a help.

Charity coined the term ‘Meshwear’ and it’s his trademark. Apparently, Mesh wins out against sculpts because a well optimised mesh will have no more than 4,000 faces and most will have half that. Given that a pair of trousers will require around five sculpts totalling some 5,100 faces and one 2k mesh will do the same job, it’s got to be easier on the computer. Not to mention 1 texture compared to 5. So all in all, much quicker rendering.

However, Mesh requires a good texture artist to make the whole show work.  Once this is procured the problems of getting sculpt textures to accurately match clothing layers is a problem no longer. There is also no need to fiddle about getting sculpts to fit your avatar body. Providing the designer includes enough sizes then you simply pick the one that fits the best. I have noticed one slight hitch, though. In models compared to the average avatar, the leg length is often very long and so pants may require a longer variation of sizing for them. At the moment, the customer wearing a mesh piece of clothing cannot change it in any way so it’s up to the designer to provide the extra measurement variation if they want to sell their wares. I am also not sure if this is to do with the constraints of placement on the avatar mesh itself as a clothing layer but then I’m no designer of clothing.

The other thing about Mesh clothing is that it’s not going to be a general option unless everyone uses the Mesh compliant viewers. Otherwise what happens is that the clothing expands into an unflattering but cute  series of horizontal blobs and offers nothing but laughs. Then you can fully expect your friends and colleagues to fall about making rife and witty comments on your questionable choice of outfit.

Having said that, I like Mesh a lot, so here’s that suit by BLM. I’m wearing the blue wool variety which is a bit Saville Row (not sure what the US equivalent is) and it comes with three tie and shirt variations. You cannot wear the shirt on its own as all you’ll get is collar, cuffs and the bit that shows through the front of the jacket. And you’ll need to wear the clothing alpha provided. But choose your shirt and tie combo, add the jacket and pants layers and you have a very nice servicable suit. It also comes in Crocodile, Dragonhide and Snakeskin and I have yet to see those, but it sounds as though Charity has covered most styling options. He also recommends the Mesh compliant Firestorm Beta in preference to V3 as you can get it to look somewhat  like the old V1.23 (don’t forget to do a clean reinstall though, details are on their site).

Check out the BLM store and see for yourself!

Cheers, m’dears! Moz


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[.:MALT:.] End of Line Sale


This post is direct from notecard. I want to mention that MALT Fashions was one of the first brands I fell in love with. I’m excited to see what she does with MESH.

With the introduction of mesh coming to second life very soon, Ive decided it is time to finally say goodbye to some of my favourite designs at Malt. Even though I love many of these, over the years Ive had the chance to improve my skills, and believe many of the older items no longer reflect the current quality of my work.

Therefore for the next 2 weeks I will make everything instore at 99L or less. Absolutely Everything! Fatpacks will be set at 400Lea.

It will be your last chance to get many old designs instore before they will be taken off the grid forever.

(Please note: While you will earn store credit during this time, the use of this credit will not be unavailable till after the sale.)

Come By & Grab a Bargain!!

Express Train >> .:MALT:.

ALL ITEMS 99L or Less
Fatpacks 400L ea

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, a post about all the weekly sales. If they had their own web site I tried to find it otherwise I link to sites that do a ’round up’ for it. This is a work in progress so I will add, update and fix as I go. There are lots more!

Moody Mondays – Gems & Kisses is a regular
Menswear Mondays – nothing since May
TGI50LWednesdays – nothing since May
Humpday Happiness – nothing since May
Fifty5 Thursdays – Finesmith and Purple Moon are regulars
Fifty Linden Fridays – always good items and they are GONE after midnight
Super Bargain Saturdays
Lazy Sunday – always quality
60 Linden Weekend
Taste of SL
La Venta Eventa
Fab50 Weekend

Disco Deals – once a month from the 1st to the 15th I think.
Chic Management events
Beauty Code
House of London – Daily Deals

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Dealing With Rejection

We’ve all been rejected in one way or another haven’t we?  It’s bad enough we have to deal with rejection in real life but this little, well-known occurance happens in Second Life too.  You’ll never be immune to rejection no matter how many lives you have (or had).

So how do you deal with it?  Is there a secret remedy?  There is no cure-all for rejection and everyone handles it differently.  Some may sit and stew for days, weeks or months while others quickly brush themselves off and go about their usual business.

The reason I bring this topic up is because as an SL model, rejection is something you have to deal with.  Yes, there are other SL professions that can have rejection staring at you in the face, as well, but we’re here to talk about modeling in SL.

Recently, I was at a casting call for a fashion show where I ran into another model I’ve worked with in the past since we both belong to some of the same agencies.  Making small talk, I had asked her if she had gone to see ‘Agency X’s’ (protecting the innocent here) show earlier that day which, by the way, was outstanding.  She replied “No, I had tried out for that show and they didn’t pick me.”

Aside from not really knowing how to reply to that at the time, I let it go.  As usual, though, I thought it would be a good topic to write about.  It also made me remember a show I had cast for, for a particular agency, in which I hadn’t made the final cut.  Another very good friend of mine did make the cut for that particular show and I realized I had a few things to ponder.

  1. Simply put, I was rejected.  They didn’t cast me!  Huge blow to the ego! What did I do wrong? How can I fix it?
  2. My very good friend was in this show and I wanted to support her by cheering her on.  I’d have rather supported her backstage as we each waited to walk on the runway though.

The more I thought about it, I realized I’d rather hold my head high than succumb to the despair over being rejected by the casting director and designer.

On the day of the show, I made sure to not only dress to the nines but to also say hello to the agency owner, casting director and the designer.  I felt this would let them know that even in the face of rejection, I was still confident in my abilities as an SL model and maybe they’d remember that at the next casting.

Weeks later, at another show for another agency and designer, that designer who rejected me was there.  She IM’d me and said hello before chatting a bit about the show we were currently watching.  To this day, I may not be what she would look for to showcase her designs but she’ll never forget me or my confidence.

You must learn to swallow your pride sometimes and know that being rejected isn’t always all about you.  When it does happen, transform those negative feelings into positive and learn from it.  Instead of wasting energy on sulking, exude confidence!  Wouldn’t you rather be remembered for that instead of for harboring grudges?

I would!

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