Immabe…immabe…ima-ima-ima be

imma be takin them pics lookin’ all fly n sh*t

Fergie Rocks!

imma imma swing it this way

So I wannabee a model. Why? Hmmm. It’s not simply because I have been on SL alot recently. It may have to do with the fact that I love to shop and I love clothes. Probably has to do with the fact that I considered it in RL but wasn’t willing to make the sacrifices I know many others did. I would like to learn to design clothes but I don’t have a powerful computer to run the apps. I don’t own the apps either…. Not sure if the free ones work for Macs.

I should say that my first attempt at modeling in SL was with DMA. They have gotten a bunch of grief from other models and people in the industry. When I joined, I didn’t have to pay anything. I don’t think that Bella Scott had started the $50 fee yet. I should talk about this more later, but I will say that Bella Scott was always nice in my observation. I didn’t ever get paid for any fashion shows. That must be something new. I was never hired by any designers but it seemed that mostly friends of models came to the shows. Perhaps it was me though. I was new and only new how to model with a pose ball…. Little did I know about modeling!

I’ve done a lot of research (resources include in-world searching, profile viewing, and the Agency Report) on the modeling schools in SL. These are some of the schools I am considering and I hope will be considering me:

Academy « AVENUE Models
The SuperElite: ACADEMY
GLANCE| International
Mimmi Boa Modeling Agency

I couldn’t find a full directory anywhere. I will try to start one.

Update 5/22/10: I put in applications to SuperElite and Fashion Institute so far. I’m not sure when classes start for SE but FI has them ongoing.


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