Trying to get some class

So I am also considering Fashion Institute .Fashion Institute

Fashion Institute
I may take a few classes there.

This class at FI for instance. I haven’t seen it listed in anyone else’s curriculum.

Shape it Up! Pt. 1
(Anabella Ravinelli)
When: Mon, May 31, 9:00am – 10:30am
Where: Room 105 (map)
Description: CLASS #: 1 of 2 DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this class is to take each model’s “everyday” shape and make adjustments for the skin they wear the most. A “runway model” shape will also be done for each model. And finally a more “curvy” shape for swimwear/lingerie and such. If there is enough time I’d like to do their top two skins. Models need to come prepared with the following for me to be able to best work with their shapes: A current version of their shape & bald hair base/eyebrows, a bikini or swim trunks, a hair style that is either short or updo, and must be out of the face and their top two skins that they wear the most…or need a new shape for. Finally, no attachments should be worn including prim lashes. PREREQUISITES: A knowledge of going into appearance and adjusting body shape sliders. DURATION: 1 to 1 1/2 hours MIN TO MAX STUDENTS: 1 to 4 max VOICE OR TEXT: Text

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One Response to Trying to get some class

  1. Yay…FI is the best…and I am not biased at all 😛

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