Discovering new designers – accessories.

Accessorizing has been one of my greatest challenges. So this morning, I started out looking for new (to me) accessory stores. Doing a search for “accessories” in SL is going to get you mostly the ones by now I’ve already heard of – JCNY, Virtual Impressions, Alienbear, Finesmith, Bandit, Earthstones – you know, the big names. (For the record, there is nothing wrong with them. I just wanted to find some more eclectic pieces.) The way I achieved this was to check out a few blogs and see what accessories they listed for their pics. I find bloggers often know about designers before I hear about them anywhere else. I assume it is because – a) this is what they specialize in and b) designers seek them out to get publicity. [link to the blog I used] I was perusing a blog of a designer I’d just learned of and kindly enough, *Icing* listed the other designers they use. I’d never heard of: Paper Couture or {Junk} so I did a search on SL specifically for that name and found the location at Rue D’Antibes.

Rue D'Antibes

Rue D'Antibes

Rue D’Antibes is a lovely sim with small boutiques of a variety of designers. There is even a shop where you can purchase models of the buildings you see here. It was here I found quite a treasure in designer fashions for reasonable prices!


{JUNK} Mainstore at Rue D'Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

I found {JUNK} quite easily!RRue

ue D’Antibes

From what I can tell this is the only store for {JUNK}. Don’t be dismayed by the size however. There is quite a variety of unique pieces. I had a difficult time restraining myself from buying up the store! In later posts I will model what I bought.

{JUNK} wall

{JUNK} Wall of eclectic goodies!

Rue D’Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

In the mean time you can check out some of their items in this pic.

Rue Dan’tibes

Rue D’Antibes

Across the way I found Love Ashley. While it doesn’t sell what I was looking for today, I did pick up a 3 pack of animated photo frames.

Love Ashley at Rue D’Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

And of course I visited *Icing*.

*Icing* Boutique at Rue D’Antibes

Rue D’Antibes

Here you can get a glimpse of the clean, smooth designs of *Icing*:

U&R Dogs

More of Rue D’Antibes boutiques Rue D’Antibes

More of Rue D’Antibes boutiques

Rue D’Antibes

I’m getting tired so I will summarize the rest.

I found some treasures here at U&R Dogs.

So many nice shops in one place! By the time I got to Reale, my Linden balance had dwindled. Oh and did I happen to mention I spent too many Lindens that day – and NOT all on what I had intended to?!

Foratta Dress at Reale


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