Dressing Fly on the cheap

Starting out as a model, or even simply starting out in SL, most people are not willing to spend many lindens on clothing. Well here’s a tip. Once you are tired of freebies make sure you subscribe to the many promotions like 55L Thursdays.


It is through these groups that I am often introduced to designers I have not heard of previously. Eluzion is an example. Conveniently however, there are many designers I already like and patronize that participate as well.

I had only learned of Pure Poison, last week. They advertised for models through the group models looking for work which I highly recommend if you haven’t already joined. [Full disclosure: I was just hired as one of their models]

[PP] Business Woman was the 55L special this week. It has a ruffled low cut blouse which I love, It is a creme color so can go with many other outfits (because it is important to mix and match). The prim collar frames your face and the prim cuffs give it realistic detail without bulk.

The pants are a nice sturdy black denim and have a double button waist which pulls the eye and thins the waistline. They are creased for a bit more detail and slim cut with a small flare at the ankle.

The outfit comes with jewelry – an added plus. Delicate twisted gold chain, drop ball earrings and sculpted bangles to match. When you put it all together – you look fabulous!

Skin: Coral Make-up2 by Pure Poison
Hair: The FuturePony by Armidi
Clothes & Jewelry: Business Woman by Pure Poison
Briefcase: G&N Quality Design


Since her store is new, I thought I would add a pic of Luana Nayar, the designer and co-owner along with Shaleene Kenin.

Once at their shop for the 55L special, I proceeded to purchase quite a few outfits – which I think is the hope of any shop participant in these groups. So call me a sucker! But her prices are great and her designs are not only fun, trendy, and unique – they are good quality.


Thanks Luana and thanks to Yula Finesmith (founder of 55L) for making such a great offers! Now, this business woman is off for the weekend!


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