60 lashes!

I am taking classes at both Fashion Institute and SuperElite Academy and I’ve heard this at both – use prim lashes. Well I’m getting ready for graduation from SE and will have assessment (hopefully) pretty soon at FI so I decided  I better get on the ball. I asked my awesome teachers at SE, MystreLoverly and Sabine where to find them – because frankly, I haven’t seen them very much when I go out shopping.

Shopping for lashes

One of the places they suggested I go to was Miamai. I’d hadn’t been there yet (I know, duh!) so it was an excuse to do what? Shop! I headed down there and tried to stick to my shopping list:

1. prim lashes

Short list huh?

Now first I want to say, that if you haven’t been there before, you may notice that it’s a big place. So be sure to let the teleport directory rez.


Then you will find lashes in the Beauty section easily. Can’t miss them.


There are many to choose from but I decided to keep it simple for now. I went for the No Alpha Lashes No. 1


Next to the lashes were the tatoo layer make-ups… and eyelashes, eyeshadows, and masques. (oh my!) I restrained myself however. There weren’t any demos (yet) so I didn’t know how they would look. I did end up with a bit more than lashes but that story’s for another post.

So. No-alpha lashes. Prim lashes. Lashes made of prims. Lots of tiny little prims. I’ve found it a challenge to adjust alpha lashes so this ought to be interesting. Out of the box they aren’t going to line up perfectly with your eye.



As you can see here. You might think – “well shucks, who would notice?”

Well the photographer would for sure. Your instructor/show coordinator might not because she will be busy directing people around so don’t count on them to catch your flaws. The other person(s) who will notice (besides Sparkie and Scarlett) are the many people in the audience who cam up to see how beautiful you look and then their view is ruined by some wonky lashes – I imagine one sign of a noob model.

Adjusting the lashes.

First thing, make a copy of your lashes and add “original” to the name. Make sure that your shape has lashes set to zero. Wear a skin with little to no eye makeup so you can see the true outline of your eye. The skin I’m wearing is []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 3/br) 01b. Get on a pose stand. Finally, in preparation, remove your hair! It gets in the way.

Right click on the lashes and select edit.


Then click on the box to select Edit Linked Parts.

See the arrows? That’s right. You need to select each individual prim and move it so that it looks natural. It takes some patience and some up-close camming which you can do by using the keyboard command CTRL 0 (pc) or COMMAND 0 (Mac) a few times. Just hit CTRL 9 to reset it. [That 0 is a zero. Not sure why my font looks like that. /me rolls her eyes]

You have to do that for each lash… not sure how many there are. [see video link below for some short cuts] I guessed 60 but you could take the time to count and let me know. After the painstaking effort the result is pretty natural. I am reminded by a tutorial that you should always detach prims after editing them in order to save the changes so be sure to do that before you gaze into your lovely eyes!



This is what I used to guide me. There is an even more detailed on here that added a few tips. I also watched this video tutorial here.

Hair: DrLife Healthy Hair Qiao-wave (Color change to Blonde)
Shape: Diane by CTL (modified)
Shirt: Bibiten Plungie pink with white trim
Jeans: [Detour] Vice Jeans 02
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 3/br) 01b
Eyes: MADesigns EYES – INTENSE – shocked
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 3/li) :: 04b
Eyes: []::Tuli::[] gem eyes :: sapphire

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