What’s your ARC I.Q?

Ahhhh ARC. The rarely-proud parent of Lag. There is a debate as to how relevant ARC is to creating lag. HOWEVER, my argument is just be courteous and do not dismiss it completely. I’m going to add several links to information on lag in this post.

Sabine Mortenwold’s blog post inspired me to add this to the blog. [full disclosure: Sabine was one of my fabulous instructors at SE]

Sasy Scarborough’s blog post saved me from committing avatar suicide… or murder I’m not sure which it was that day. It will help you decrease your lag experience.

Anabella Ravinelli wrote a series of posts on lag but this one gives specific suggestions on how to reduce.

Lulu Breuer taught an excellent class at FI on Lag that was extremely helpful. Perhaps she will teach it somewhere else since FI (sniff) is closed.

What do other people think about the effect of ARC on lag?

The response varies…

See the over 25,000?

IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion), “not much.”


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One Response to What’s your ARC I.Q?

  1. Interesting. To see the other side of the story – just to be fair – this was the best article I ever read on the fact that scripts may be to blame and it’s nothing to do with ARC.
    As always, people debate on both sides of the fence and it’s best to be informed about ARC *and* script lag so that you can take the appropriate actions according to your final decision on the matter. Cheers!

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