Learning to Inspect

Imagine you’re at a club and across the room you see someone wearing a hairstyle you instantly fall in love with.  You quickly IM the girl wearing the hair to ask where she bought it but alas, she never returns your IM.  Not to worry since LL gave us a very useful tool to use in cases like this and once you get used to using it, you’ll rarely, if ever, have to IM someone again for that information.  Just remember that the object you’re inspecting must be a prim object, such as hair, in order for the feature to work.  I’ve included screen shots to help you and please note that I’m using the Cool VL Viewer which is similar to the original SL Viewer 1.23 version.  If you’re using the newer SL Viewer 2.0, I’ve included a link at the end of this tutorial for you to refer to.

Right click on the prim object you’d like the information about (I’ve chosen a bracelet here) and choose More from the pie menu.

Next, click on Inspect from the pie chart.

A window pops up showing the Object Name, Owner Name, Creator and Creation Date. At the bottom of the window you can choose to view the Owner’s profile or the Creator’s profile. Since you’d much rather find out where you can buy the bracelet, choose to See Creator Profile.

After the profile pops up, I normally choose to view Picks or Classified tab to find where the store is to buy the item. As you can see here, my bracelet is from Armidi. Now remember, that designers and stores in SL come and go so, in some instances, you may never find the creator or the store.

Viewer 2.0 users:


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