Never ending battle of ARC

ARC, avatar rendering cost, seems to be the subject of an ongoing debate. Is it or is it not the reason for lag? Most of the time I attend fashion shows in my low lag outfit and am frustrated by looking the noob that I am compared to folks with the latest and greatest on who seem to completely disregard the announcements to remove unnecessary objects.

I decided to take a poll (my mother always told me to do that when I wanted something). How many people really pay any attention to the supposed Fashion Show etiquette of keeping ARC around 1000 at the most?

So at one particular show, this is what I found. Notice that the numbers in the audience range from 2707 to what looks liek 19613! Granted, the models on stage are high but duh! they are supposed to look smashing!

Here is another show. This is all audience (just a section of it) and many of the numbers are above 10,000!


It was at this show that I decided to “look good too” and keep my AO on. With all my jewelry I was really high. That’s me at 12,044!


When I took off my jewelry I was still at 7000 or so. But I look good in my Donna Flora!

Lag for me wasn’t too bad. Not much different than when I was in my low ARC outfit. So what is the motivation for an individual to lower their ARC if it doesn’t really improve their personal experience? Not much.

Interestingly, at a show this weekend, they actually warned people to come with an ARC less than 500. (Yes I choked at that). They “threatened” to politely remove people who did not adhere to their request. I was pleased as punch. Managed to get my ARC down to about 900 and crossed my fingers. When I got there, there were still people with 2000, 4000 and even 7000 ARC. A few of them did lower their numbers. One blogger went from 7000 to 400. I was impressed. It was funny though we were all taking off our shoes and jewelry. I finally managed to get down to about 431 and still look decent – but there continued to be those easily over 2000 around me who did not get removed to my knowledge.

The motivation this time was twofold. There was a consequence AND there was peer pressure. I think my peers and I were taking it seriously because the show coordinators were taking it seriously. I strongly encourage future shows to do the same. It doesn’t have to be rude or “threatening” but it needs to be more than just said.


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