Color Picker Tool

Thank you for the lovely intro Terri and I’m very honored that you asked me to contribute to this website.  For those of you who don’t know us at all, I am extremely fond of Terrilyn and Xandrah and consider them my very good friends in SL.  Without their friendship and support I can honestly say it would have been difficult to continue with modeling classes in SL.  Their offer of friendship is genuine and they are both the real deal with no hidden agenda’s to get to the “top”.  ::Hugs::

Now that my lovefest is over, lol, I thought I’d share a neat little tool that Xandrah shared with me once.  It’s called a Quick Color Picker and can be used to get the RGB value of anything it touches on your screen.  How is this handy, you ask?  Well how about matching your shoes to your skin?  Many SL shoe huds will allow you to type in the RGB value of your skin and this little tool makes getting that RGB value so much more simpler.  After you install it, you’ll get a little eye dripper that you float over anything on the screen you’d like to get the RGB value of.  Matching shoes to skin is just one example.  The possibilities for this tool are endless for those trying to match colors.  Try it out and I think you’ll be impressed.


About Linda Reddevil

I'm a Second Life® model and stylist who enjoys blogging and photography in the virtual game.
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