Thank you Mozart… a masterpiece in and of himself!

Just wanted to welcome Mozart to Model Curiosity. He also has his own personal blog which you would most likelyStreetlife enjoy reading. I am constantly amazed by his skills – one is writing so it is apropos that his first post be about script writing! I met Mozart in classes at Fashion Institute and although we are in vastly different time zones, I always enjoy the opportunity to chat and share the ups and downs of our modeling adventures.


Mozart Loordes

Mozart by TLC


Mozart is an incredible photographer btw. The pic to the left however is by me :(. We took the Ins & Outs of Photo Shoots at FI with Ana Ravinelli. (Great class)

Thank you Moz for agreeing to contribute to this blog. I appreciate you sharing your skills in styling and photography as well as writing! *hugs*

Side note: Male modeling never seems to be covered enough in second life so to encourage new male models is essential. There are greater odds for success (being well known/well paid/well employed) for an avatar starting out in male modeling. So if any male avi is curious, they definitely should be encouraged IMNSHO. (in my not so humble opinion)


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