Considering an agency? Here are some questions…

Content credit to Nave Fall. This is from his comment on Agency Report. He suggests when considering modeling and choosing a school to put them under the microscope… or the monocle in his case. 🙂
Nave - Fireworks 4

photo credit to Nave Fall

Some questions that could be asked before investing in a modeling school to get a feel for how responsive they are. If the owner doen’t communicate well (in a language you speak I mean)or address your inquiry personally that might be a warning signal.

Testimonials, of people who can’t be tracked down on their website, are less then worthless, which is why AgencyReport makes such a sin of self dealing in here

I’m just,

Nave Fall

1) How long has your agency, and training facility, been, continuously, in business?
2) How many models are in your agency and how people have attended, and graduated, from your school?
3) Who owns your agency and training facility?
4) Do you, the owner, personally teach or, merely, hire others to teach the classes they wrote? Does the owner actually write the classes? If not who writes, and owns, your class materials?
5) Who are your other instructors and what is their modeling and training experience? May I see their bios?
6) Do you have a Flickr page I can look at about your school and your agency’s shows and models
7) Have you or your business been reviewed in SL’s media? Where?
8) Is there an overview of the class topics covered that I can see?
9) Where are your classes conducted? Do you own a sim?
10) How many people do you take into your classes typically?
11) How many hours does your complete series of training classes take? Are there a levels? Basic, advanced elite for example?
12) What is unique about your classes (if you know that is)?
13) If I have a problem with something in the class who is responsible for dealing with it?
14) What designers do you work with actively? Will they be introduced to the students?
15) Will I be given outfits to wear and style for the graduation show? If there is no graduation show, how will the classes conclude?
16) Once someone finishes your classes do you actively mentor them? How do you help them get on with their SL modeling careers? Will they be taken into your agency automatically?


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One Response to Considering an agency? Here are some questions…

  1. Question #5 is important since so many academies hire teachers with little or no modeling experience and have them use notecards that have been passed down from previous teachers or even from other schools. Just because a teacher has been in 5 or 6 shows, this doesn’t make them “experienced” enough to teach in my opinion. I also prefer that a teacher talk to me and the class and not copy/paste the lesson. I’ve been taught both ways by different academies in SL and there is a big difference. Any one can copy/past but actually having the knowledge of what you’re copying into chat is another story. When you ask a teacher for the list of shows they’ve been in make sure you’re given a complete list. Be leary of the statement “I’ve been in many others but those are the most recent” as that’s a clue to the fact that there really hasn’t been many other shows this teacher has been in and therefore, not exactly qualified to teach you.

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