Facing the truth.

So I’m cruising flickr. I like to see (real) photographer’s work and try to learn something from what they do – especially portraits – something I like to play with in RL.

To be or not to  be

by Willhelm Ewing

I came across a handy tool that I wanted to share that I got from the admin for the Pile-Up group, Willhelm Ewing.

Anaface is a site that will actually score your facial proportions. Very helpful when it comes to creating or editing your own shape. This photo (which is awesome) is by Cherie Parker. Unfortunately, I have been tinkering with my shape. Here’s my current score:

Guess I will be contacting a specialist.


About Terrilynn

Just a small town girl... I do not like to write – I like to have written. Gloria Steinem
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2 Responses to Facing the truth.

  1. No one is perfect, unfortunately, even in SL! You look gorgeous as you are and I love love love that photo.

  2. ~TLC~ says:

    Aw sweetie thank you… but one would think perfection could be obtained in SL so why not shoot for it? Just kidding! LOL

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