The Art of Posing (or, lack thereof) Part II

This is part two of my original blog post of October 30th because there are just some things I needed to get off my chest after going to quite a few fashion shows since that original posting.

A few weeks ago at Model’s Workshop, the guest speaker, Sequoia Nightfire, mentioned a new trend in runway models.  She voiced a concern about armpit poses and no regard for making sure hands weren’t poking through prims.  I have seen, firsthand, a new model get cast in a show even though she used armpit poses and numerous other models using poses that have hands stuck inside skirts.  I went to a show this afternoon and not being able to contain myself any longer, I snapped a few photos as proof of this no-no and more gripes I have.


About Linda Reddevil

I'm a Second Life® model and stylist who enjoys blogging and photography in the virtual game.
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