Couture on a Budget?

A prospective model posted a comment the other day in one of the modeling groups about the high cost of modeling academies and the cost of clothing and accessories.  She griped about the overall expense of being a model from beginning to end to which many replied that if she couldn’t afford it then she shouldn’t be doing it.  A more heated group conversation ensued and let’s just say that the new model didn’t make many friends. 

However, she got me thinking and, while at times that can be dangerous, I wanted to refute some of her findings especially regarding clothing and accessories.  There are so many stores in SL right now that are having 50% off sales.  Free Group gifts and Hunt items are also abundant.  All these things add to your inventory and can only enhance your accessory choices when modeling.  Not everything you wear has to have a price tag of over $1000L for it to look good. 

A very good example of this is a friend I knew in high school.  This girl could wear a $5 t-shirt and make it look like it cost her $100.  How did she do it?  It was her presence, her confidence and her choices in styling it, which sometimes only amounted to her wearing a simple necklace with the t-shirt.  I could have worn the same t-shirt back then and it would have looked like I spent $5 on it (or less).  Quite simply, she just had that je ne sais quoi. 

In SL bargains are to be had everywhere so you can make that simple t-shirt look like a million bucks.  You just have to look.  Maybe sometimes you just stumble across them too like I did the other day at Glam Affair.  Tucked away on the 2nd floor and up a flight of stairs is the Glam Affair Outlet.  Here you can find dresses, pants, skirts, scarfs, shapes, and men’s clothes, etc. for $10L each.  Yes, you read that right.  $10L each!  Granted, sometimes you can pay $10L for something and it absolutely looks like you spent $10L for it or you can spend $1000L and it can look like you spent $10L too.  I feel the latter is way more heartbreaking but in either instance it’s up to you to make it look like it cost you an arm and a leg. 

Below are the 2 oufits I purchased that day at Glam Affair.   I would put money on it that no one would ever guess I only paid $10L per outfit. 

Glam Affair Epoca Outfit

Glam Affair A&A Mine Yellow Outfit


About Linda Reddevil

I'm a Second Life® model and stylist who enjoys blogging and photography in the virtual game.
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One Response to Couture on a Budget?

  1. ~TLC~ says:

    Good point Linda! There are some amazing blogs out there that specialize in free or inexpensive deals (don’t want to say cheap because they’re not).

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