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Speaking of taking pictures and classes. NCI is one of a few places that offer free courses in various topics in SL®. Others are SOAP (School of Art and Photography) and Team photoLife® and Models’ Workshop has a photography group that will be starting back up in a few weeks.

NCI Calendar link SOAP Calendar link Models’ Workshop Calendar link

Today: Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 6:30 a.m SLT (repeated every 2 weeks)


Location: NCI Beach, Sky Classroom Pre-requisite: Clothing – BASICS

Design your own clothing in Second Life using Avatar UV maps! This class will teach you to move beyond the appearance sliders and create Second Life fashions with precisely-placed hems, necklines and accents using your own custom designed textures. In order to benefit from this class, you will need:

* Graphics editing software which is capable of opening PhotoShop documents (.psd files) and saving to the Targa file format (.tga files) with alpha transparency. (Specific instructions will be given for working with PhotoShop, PhotoShop Elements, PaintShop Pro and/or the GIMP.)

* Basic familiarity with how to use your chosen graphics editor.

* SL Avatar clothing design templates available here:

* Your imagination!


Location: NCI Dream Seeker, Tier 1 Classroom. Pre-requisite: NONE

New NCI Class: In Second Life we have terrific tools to make great photos and then turn them into historic contributions to RL and SL society. Learn the art of photography, how to make great photos happen, and how to publish your work in the RL/SL history logs of the Blogging Internet and SL news organizations.



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