Blogging: Friend or Foe

I’m not a full-time blogger, mind you, but when I have a chance to, I like to blog. 

I can write what I want and I don’t have to worry about anyone editing me.  I can showcase anyone’s designs I want, without any backlash that I’m playing favorites.  I can mix ‘n match outfits without worrying that I shouldn’t.

Before I became a model in Second Life I never blogged.  I didn’t even know that anyone did such a thing!  After I got the modeling bug and had attended a few schools, one of the tips ‘n tricks academies taught us was to market ourselves.  Blogging was one great way to get your name out there and show off your style.

I remember the first time I created a blog post and decided to advertise it in one of the various groups in SL.  Would anyone want to read it?  Would anyone care what I had to say? Would I be laughed off the face of the earth?  People were certainly curious as I watched the number of visits to my blog skyrocket.  I’m not saying I wasn’t under scrutiny, but it didn’t matter.  The numbers didn’t lie.

There are two main groups in Second Life that models advertise their blogging endeavors.  Starwalkers 2010 and Model Looking for Work groups cater to the model-slash-designer-slash-modeling agencies in SL.  Both groups are a must for all of the above.  I just want to mention that Starwalkers 2010 was created by the very out-spoken and, self-described, snarky Mr. Nave Fall.  Model Looking For Work was created by the also very out-spoken and slightly brash, Ms. Dolce Enderfield.

Recently, there has been some argument about what can and cannot be posted in Model Looking For Work (hereinafter referred to as “MLFW”).  While I understand that the group notices in this group should be geared towards jobs for models, sometimes the only way to get those jobs is to have had the opportunity to market yourself through blogging and advertising your blog.

I’d like to say be able to say that just attending a casting for a job will allow you to wow the casting directors and, therefore, guarantee yourself a spot in a show.  It just doesn’t work that way.  The jobs don’t always go to the best, prim-perfect, not-a-hair-out-of-place models’.   Also, if you think for one second that politics don’t play a part in castings, you better think again. 

Nevertheless, many of today’s SL top models got their start from blogging.  For instance, Kay Fairey who’s Miss Bliss 2011.  She’ll be the first to tell you that her blog got her noticed.  Of course, it helped that she knew how to style and it showed through in her blog.

To get back on track, the other day a designer argued in the MLFW group that advertising a blog has nothing to do with a model looking for work.  I wanted to argue that statement at the time but I didn’t have the opportunity since I was in the middle of a fashion show.

Through my blog and by advertising it, I have been offered the opportunity to speak at Model’s Workshop on a certain topic, I’ve been offered the honor to contribute to the Outrageous Glamour website, I was recently offered the position of a teaching instructor at Outrageous Glamour due to the fact that I spoke at Model’s Workshop.  I’ve been asked to write articles for magazines and/or contribute to them and I’ve been asked to write scripts for fashion shows.  

So what do you think now?  Does advertising a blog have anything to do with a model looking for work?  I say a resounding YES!    A blog can end up pairing you with a particular designer if your style matches their vision.  If you have a certain style of writing, your blog can open up doors for a job at a magazine.  Your pictures could potentially jumpstart a photography career as well.

A model’s blog is meant to be informative and a means of marketing yourself and yes, showing off the newest and latest designs from SL’s designers.  If you can’t get out of your little box and you refuse to look at a blog at nothing more than competition between designers,  you’re sadly mistaken and lack the confidence in your own designs!

I don’t think this article will put an end to the debate, but I wanted to voice my opinion on the subject. 

So long for now….

About Linda Reddevil

I'm a Second Life® model and stylist who enjoys blogging and photography in the virtual game.
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3 Responses to Blogging: Friend or Foe

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  2. Hey I agree with your points, blogging is fun and a good way to promote and what not. Just wanted to clarify one point in the article. Dolce has been a great and much needed moderator for model looking for work. The group was was actually started by Tillie Arantho though.

    • Hello Rouge,

      Yes, you’re correct! Tillie actually did create the group although Dolce seems to really be the driving force behind the group in these past months. Every group definitely needs rules and guidelines to follow and Dolce has been excellent in weeding out those who don’t follow along. The point of my article was really to counterpoint the statement that blogging has nothing to do with a model looking for work.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Rouge 🙂

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