[.:MALT:.] End of Line Sale


This post is direct from notecard. I want to mention that MALT Fashions was one of the first brands I fell in love with. I’m excited to see what she does with MESH.

With the introduction of mesh coming to second life very soon, Ive decided it is time to finally say goodbye to some of my favourite designs at Malt. Even though I love many of these, over the years Ive had the chance to improve my skills, and believe many of the older items no longer reflect the current quality of my work.

Therefore for the next 2 weeks I will make everything instore at 99L or less. Absolutely Everything! Fatpacks will be set at 400Lea.

It will be your last chance to get many old designs instore before they will be taken off the grid forever.

(Please note: While you will earn store credit during this time, the use of this credit will not be unavailable till after the sale.)

Come By & Grab a Bargain!!

Express Train >> .:MALT:.

ALL ITEMS 99L or Less
Fatpacks 400L ea

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