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A right Mesh up at BLM

To Mesh or not to Mesh, that is the question. Whether ’tis kinder on the computer not to suffer the slings & arrows of V3 or retreat to the sanctity of Firestorm Beta2 and by opposing end them. Hmmm, it’s … Continue reading

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Dressing Fly on the cheap

Starting out as a model, or even simply starting out in SL, most people are not willing to spend many lindens on clothing. Well here’s a tip. Once you are tired of freebies make sure you subscribe to the many … Continue reading

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Discovering new designers – accessories.

Accessorizing has been one of my greatest challenges. So this morning, I started out looking for new (to me) accessory stores. Doing a search for “accesories” in SL is going to get you mostly the ones by now I’ve already heard of – JCNY, Virtual Impressions, Alienbear, Finesmith, Bandit, Earthstones – you know, the big names. (For the record, there is nothing wrong with them. I just wanted to find some more eclectic pieces.) Continue reading

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